1268 (Haslemere) Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets, known locally as the Haslemere Air Cadets, is a friendly and proud squadron part of the Air Training Corps. We offer opportunities to boys and girls aged between 12 and 18 years old, ranging from a whole host of activities from orienteering and shooting to flying and gliding.

Every squadron within the ATC is different from each other, but 1268 prides itself on offering a friendly environment to everyone who joins in with our activities. You may already know someone who is a member of the squadron and have heard all about the things we do. But if you don’t know anyone then do not worry. You will have a great opportunity to make some new friends and be a part of a very special squadron in the ATC.

Grob tutorBeing a cadet in the ATC is unique from other youth organisations, for the fact that the ATC is closely linked to the Royal Air Force. Our proud traditions and practices have been handed down from the RAF for generations. You will get to learn a lot about the RAF and its history, not to mention what the RAF does in the modern day.

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